Smokehouse Fish and Chips

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse, established over 20 years ago by Dennis Crawford who began by smoking and selling mussels on the old wharf. From those simple beginnings we have evolved to become a nationally recognised brand, sending our comprehensive range of smoked seafood to outlets around the country.

The Smokehouse experience is based on the concept of delicately hot smoking local products using traditional brick kilns and natural manuka shavings.

After filleting we coat the fish in our special brine which is left overnight. when the fish is ready for smoking the smokers are fired up and the manuka shavings are scattered and left to smoulder. The fragrant smoke imparts a unique and delicious flavour, one that is almost addictive!

We produce a wide selection of smoked fish, salmon, mussels and pates, all of which are available in our deli.

And finally there is our award-winning Takeaway. Fish and chips on the wharf - one of the classic Mapua experiences!

T: 03 5402280E: Endersby & Julina IsmailShed 2, Mapua Wharf,MapuaNelson