Mapua Boat Club & Maritime Museum

The Mapua Boat Club was formed by a group of interested people who wished to save the wharf from demolition and has continued to be run for the enjoyment of people who have a love of the sea and boating.

The Club meets every Thursday night from 5.30 pm and the bar is open from 5.30 – 7.00 pm.

We welcome new members who are all sorts of boat owners, regular users of the Mapua Wharf, and those who just want to protect the character of the wharf as a public space for all to enjoy.

For advice on crossing the sand bars to enter Mapua Channel to Waimea Estuary, please contact the Harbourmaster.

For all enquiries re berths at the Mapua Wharf or moorings in the channel contact the custodian: Tim Robinson - 5402708. 

Also, check out the TDC information available here:

Other contacts:

President: Tim Robinson, 540 2708 
Secretary: Clare Kininmonth
Treasurer: Jenny Marchbanks, 5403251

Mapua Boat Club Inc,
Mapua Postal Agency
MAPUA 7048

Port Mapua Maritime Museum

Open 7 days a week, 9am-4pm

Free entry

The Museum is supported and managed by volunteers under the auspices of the Mapua Boat Club.

About the Museum:

Located in the original Mapua wharf building on one of the few remaining historic working wharves in New Zealand. It is the focal hub of the village.

Walk through the rich maritime history of Nelson and its coastline of Tasman and Golden Bay.

The Museum includes maritime memorabilia and interactive displays.

Pictorial Presentation at Sea:

The pictorial presentation is made possible by having the best early photographic record of any settlement in New Zealand.

The Port Mapua Maritime Museum illustrates the role early Maori played, the trading and passenger vessels of the region and the cargo they carried.

T: 03 540 2708 - President Tim Robinson

Mapua Boat Club Inc.
C/- Mapua Postal Counter, Mapua 7048